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​Personalize your data control system according to specifics of the company's operation

All data

Table is a base of data structure in NinjaTable. You decide on your own what tables you need and data you would include there. There could be unlimited number of tables.

Custom fields

The table includes different types of fields like number, text, date, logic value, file and others. There could be unlimited number of fields.

Data link

The sales are related to a client so they should be related to the client’s table. The clients are assigned to the employees. All the interrelated data could be seen in one table.

Types and filters

Filter data by any field and save the selected filters. Set up display of the table fields in the browser window to your own logic.

Control safety of corporate information


A User creates roles following individual logics (positions, departments, affiliates) and enables to create business processes for groups of employees.


You could grant and restrict permission for creation, editing, looking through and deleting the tables. You could give permissions for activity to an individual employee or on a massive scale (roles).


You could give rights for looking through and editing of individual fields in the table. For example, an employee has right to look through someone else's deals or right for task list editing.


In a separate tab, you could see the whole list of activities that users did as status changing, logging on and off, data editing.

Analyze data from all perspectives

Graphs based on any data

NinjaTable constructs graphs based on data of the selected tables depending on the selected conditions (date, department, revenue amount).

Tabs with graphs

Graphs are located in separate tabs. It enables to analyze data together and create different tabs for different groups of employees.

Apply process approach to manage and automate the routine

Scheduled events

You could setup system for the repeated actions with certain logic and response to user’s activities. For example, you could mail out could every day with a reminder at a certain time or send letters only to those employees who are close to fall behind the deadlines of task execution.

Automated changes

The processes could be set on automatic data substitution. For example, entering new client you could appoint manager and stipulate the date of the next contact. The system is able to make a mailout to the certain groups of employees when transferring the process from one status to another.


Using programming in JavaScript and AngularJS technology, you could extend system features in the required way. It is possible to create new pages and change system behaviour according to your needs.

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